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What Are the Applications of Organic Potato Starch?

1. Application of organic potato starch in candy

In confectionery, organic potato starch is used as filling and icing.

Adding potato starch into the candy ingredients can increase the volume of the candy, improve the taste and chewiness of the product, increase the elasticity and fineness, and can effectively prevent the deformation and discoloration of the sugar body and prolong the shelf life of the product; the gelatin candy is transparent and has a strong water retention effect.

Under certain conditions, organic potato starch can combine well with gelatin to form a gel that is hard but not hard, slippery but not sticky, with good taste and elasticity, which can greatly reduce costs.

2. Application of organic potato starch in pasta

Adding organic potato starch to the dough will increase the gluten toughness, elasticity and water absorption of the dough, reduce the oil content of the dough, and make the noodles fine and smooth.

3. Application of organic potato starch in meat products

Due to the high transparency of organic potato starch after gelatinization, it can prevent the discoloration of meat products, so it can reduce the use of other additives and keep the fresh and tender color of meat for a long time.

Organic potato starch can also make food lock moisture, prevent loss, and prevent food spoilage.

In the production process of some sausage products, using organic potato starch instead of corn starch will reduce the amount of starch used, reduce investment costs, and make the meat taste smoother and more delicate.

4. Application of organic potato starch in dairy products

Organic potato starch is most typically used in yoghurt. High-quality yogurt can be obtained by adding organic potato starch during yogurt production and processing, and then performing a series of operations such as fermentation. At the same time, it can increase the viscosity, transparency and mouthfeel of yogurt.

5. Application of organic potato starch in other industries

Because organic potato starch is low in calories, anti-oxidant, and promotes metabolism, organic potato starch can be used in weight loss products, health food, functional food, whitening products, etc.

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