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Organic Sorbitol

The molecular formula of sorbitol is C6H14O6, which has a cool and sweet taste, and its sweetness is about 50%-70% of that of sucrose. 1g of sorbitol produces 16.7kJ of heat in the human body. It is not converted into glucose in the blood after consumption and is not affected by insulin.

Organic Sorbitol Solid is a crystal or crystalline powder

Organic Sorbitol Liquid is Transparent colorless viscous liquid

organic sweetener
oragnic sweetener no sugar 2

Advantages of organic Sorbitol

1. Sorbitol does not cause dental caries.

2. Sorbitol does not stimulate insulin secretion.

3. Sorbitol has good moisturizing properties, which can keep food with a certain amount of moisture, prevent drying, and prevent sugar, salt, etc. from precipitation and crystallization. Volatile polyols, so it also has the function of maintaining the aroma of food.

Applications of organic Sorbitol

1.Sorbitol can be used as a raw material for the production of vitamin C, and vitamin C can be obtained through fermentation and chemical synthesis of sorbitol.

2. Sorbitol can be used as a nutritive sweetener, humectant, chelating agent and stabilizer.

3. Sorbitol can be used to synthesize resins and plastics, to separate and analyze low-boiling point oxygen-containing compounds, etc. It can also be used as gas chromatography stationary liquid, thickener, hardener, insecticide, etc.

4. Sorbitol can be used as a moisturizing agent in toothpaste, cosmetics and tobacco.

5. Sorbitol can be used as a diuretic dehydrating agent to treat cerebral edema and increased intracranial pressure, to treat increased intraocular pressure in glaucoma, and to treat edema and oliguria with normal heart and kidney function.

6. Sorbitol can be used as a water-retaining agent for aquatic products. The ratio of sucrose 2.1% + sorbitol 3.15% + compound phosphate 1.00% can effectively reduce the water activity of dried fish fillets and increase the activity of Ca-ATPase.

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