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Contract Manufacturing

Besides providing raw materials, Pekhill is also committed to providing customers with high-quality One-Stop OEM services, white label and private label, custom blending, etc. Pekhill offers full-service contract manufacturing and packaging services, which includes everything from product development, package development, testing, and line engineering to production operations. Our solutions provide superior food safety, quality, and brand protection while delivering best-in-class service, flexibility, and value.

Whether superfood, low carb or protein booster in the form of capsules, tablets, Solid Drink, etc., Pekhill implements the packaging of your supplements in the best possible way during contract work & contract packaging. 

Pekhill is a vertically integrated nutritional supplement contract manufacturing operation specializing in high-quality formulation, blending, encapsulation, and packaging. We are happy to help find the best solutions to your unique supplement products. Let's begin the conversation. 

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