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Types of Organic Yeast Raw Materials

Why Organic Yeast?

Pekhill's organic yeast is grown and processed according to organic farming standards. The raw materials for producing yeast come from organic farming. Foods made with organic yeast are richer in food nutrients than traditional ones. Organic Yeast β-glucan plays an great role in enhancing our immune system.

Besides, organic baking is also gradually occupying the market. With the growing interest in organic food, the quality and safety of baking ingredients has also come to our attention. Pekhill's organic baking ingredients, such as organic yeast, are free of any additives, non-GMO, heavy metal and pesticide residues are certified organic.

Certified organic means safer and healthier.

What's the Benefits Yeast Beta-Glucan?

Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide that is widely present in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, algae and plants (eg: barley and oats) and is linked together by several different types of beta-glycosidic bonds to form threads or branches like structure.


1. Beta glucan is beneficial for upper respiratory tract infections

2. Beta glucan is beneficial for diabetic blood sugar control

3. Beta glucan is beneficial for blood lipid regulation

4. Beta glucan aids weight loss

5. Beta glucan boosts the immune system


U.S. FDA: Approved yeast beta-glucan as GRAS, which can be used in dairy products, bakery products, beverages, candy and other foods

EU: In 2011, yeast beta-glucan was used as a new food ingredient in various foods


FAQ of Pekhill's Organic Yeast Products

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What's the difference between beta-glucan sourced from yeast and others?

Yeast beta-glucan has potential efficacy in preventing wound spoilage, radiation damage, tumor radiotherapy, and pathogenic bacterial infection, while oat and barley-derived beta-glucan don’t.

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What benefits of your organic yeast extract?

Organic yeast extract is 8 times more effective than yeast powder. Organic yeast extract is rich in vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, trace elements, etc.

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Can I take yeast product everyday?

Organic yeast is safe to you and normally you can take 10-30 grams each day. Please consult with your doctor if you have health issue.

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