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The Concept, Usage and Dosage of Organic Spirulina

What is organic spirulina?

In the general concept of people, organic food refers to natural foods that are not polluted. For example, organic vegetables means absolutely no use of pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and other synthetic substances in the breeding, production and processing process. With the improvement of living conditions, many people who are relatively comfortable in life have stricter requirements for food quality.

Spirulina is a natural health product, and organic food is a relatively unified term internationally for pollution-free natural foods. The cultivation process and requirements of spirulina are very strict because spirulina itself has high environmental requirements.

Why is Yunnan spirulina the most famous in China?

Can spirulina be successfully cultivated outside of Yunnan, China?

The reason why Yunnan spirulina has the highest reputation is because Yunnan’s cultivation conditions are good, the climate and environmental temperature in Yunnan are very suitable for the growth of spirulina. Another reason is that Yunnan has the only natural alkaline lake in Asia—Chenghai Lake. The combination of these two conditions is naturally most suitable for the cultivation and production of spirulina. There are many other spirulina manufacturers elsewhere, but they are mostly artificially creating alkaline environments to cultivate spirulina.

Therefore, many people believe that spirulina is a natural green organic food, which is also based on important reasons.

Usage and dosage of organic spirulina tablets

This has been mentioned in many articles, the method of taking spirulina, how many times a day to take spirulina, how to take spirulina, etc., are all similar.

Of course, the usage and dosage of spirulina may vary from brand to brand. Although spirulina is a "natural health product," its method of use is actually the same as other health products, because spirulina has been made into organic spirulina tablets, generally can be taken with warm water. Three times a day, 4 tablets each time. It can be taken before or after meals, usually taken 30 minutes before meals. There are no strict requirements for this. Since each person purchases different brands, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions and take as directed.

Long-term use of spirulina can enhance the body's immunity and anti-fatigue ability. It is suitable for physical and mental workers to take. Middle-aged and elderly people can also take it to assist in regulating some diseases.

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