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Pekhill Foods is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Since 2006, Pekhill has been committed to the development, cultivation, and commercialization of organic products.

From the original organic mushroom products, to the current organic sweet peppers, organic nuts, to organic corn deep-processed varieties, organic extracts and raw organic protein powder, we have realized the diversification and ecologicalization of organic products, providing customers with different solutions for organic supply chains. We maintain a strong competitiveness in every single product, usually our customers amplify their needs with our company and get our very strong support.

In terms of managing organic farming, our principle is sustainability. In terms of customer service, our principle is still sustainability. We hope to take good use of all our experience, channels and resources to create a sustainable environment with our customers.

Company Profile

Company Culture

  • Learn
    Live and learn. Every member of Pekhill has been working hard to learn new knowledge to enrich themselves and bring more help to customers.
  • Collaborate
    The development of Pekhill is inseparable from the collaboration between everyone in every position.
  • Innovation
    Not only is our company constantly expanding new product lines, each of us also needs innovative ideas to enrich our work and life.
  • Sustainability
    For the environment, for business, and for the development of the company, we must uphold the attitude of insisting on sustainable development.

Company Structure

  • 01

    At Pekhill, organic verification and testing of raw materials, clean processing environment, and HACCP-based production and processing all have traceable production records.

  • 02
    Quality Control

    For raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and different stages will be monitored, especially finished products, we will detect pesticide residues, heavy metals, microorganisms and other key indicators.

  • 03

    Produce promotional materials, place advertisements, participate in industry exhibitions, and provide customers with high-quality services.

Honor Certificates

EU Organic
USDA Organic

Factory Show

Pekhill adopts the most advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, such as membrane filtration, plate and frame filtration, mega-light chromatography, Shennong evaporator, etc., and has domestic advanced DCS control system. Compared with the traditional process, this process can effectively remove soluble protein, thereby ensuring product quality; the deodorization section adopts a horizontal disc filter, which effectively improves the on-site environment. The design of all equipment in the factory takes into account the comprehensive utilization of energy, which can greatly reduce production costs and have significant competitive advantages.

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Dongruisi Road 501-118, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, 311201, Zhejiang, China
Dongruisi Road 501-118, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, 311201, Zhejiang, China +86-(0)571-82330925