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Types of Organic Inulin Raw Materials

What's The Health Benefits of Organic Inulin?

Inulin can reduce blood lipids and cholesterol: Inulin is a substance extracted from plants, and it is also a low-energy or no-energy substance. Consuming inulin in moderation in daily life can help reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in the body, improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Inulin can improve vascular circulation: Inulin intake can effectively reduce serum total cholesterol (TC) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), increase the ratio of high-density lipoprotein/low-density lipoprotein, and improve blood lipid status.

Inulin can increase gastrointestinal motility: the dietary fiber in inulin also has certain benefits for the gastrointestinal tract after ingestion. These cellulose can speed up gastrointestinal motility and help the stool and garbage left in the intestinal tract to be quickly excreted out of the body. Lose weight.

Inulin can lower blood sugar levels and dilute the concentration of blood sugar. Eating inulin or drinking inulin concentrate on an empty stomach can immediately lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, inulin has a special effect in the treatment of diabetes.


FAQs of Organic Algae Raw Materials

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What's the benefits difference between Agave Inulin and Jerusalem Artichokes inulin?

They have the same health benefits.

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How sweet is inulin?

Pekhill's organic inulin is slightly sweet, about 10% of the sweetness of sucrose.

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Can I take inulin every day?

According to the US FDA, the effective daily intake is 5 grams, and the recommended maximum daily intake is 15~20 grams. According to European Union Regulation (EU) 2015/2314, a daily intake of 12g is required for effective function.

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