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Health Care Efficacy and Function of Microalgae

Microalgae is a kind of autotrophic plant which is widely distributed on land and sea, rich in nutrition and high in photosynthetic utilization. Polysaccharide, protein and pigment produced by cell metabolism make it have a good development prospect in food, medicine, genetic engineering, liquid fuel and other fields.

Health care effect of microalgae

The effect of microalgae is to inhibit tumor, resist radiation, and increase white blood cells, especially for atrophic gastritis, some oral ulcers, and some skin diseases, especially for patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Among the foods and health products for babies, oral liquid, granules and buccal tablets of microalgae have appeared.

Substances and elements contained in microalgae

There are many kinds of microalgae, because they contain inorganic elements such as protein, algae polysaccharide, especially carotene, so they have high nutritional value. In recent decades, scientists have found that spirulina is the best pure natural protein food source ever discovered by human beings, and its protein content is as high as 60-70%, which is 6 times as high as wheat, 4 times as high as pork, 3 times as high as fish, 5 times as high as eggs and 2.7 times as high as cheese, and its digestion and absorption rate is over 95%.

Its unique phycocyanin can improve lymphocyte activity and enhance human immunity, so it has special significance for the rehabilitation of patients with gastrointestinal diseases and liver diseases. Because the content of protein is high, especially the content of single cell protein is relatively high, because there are vitamin A, vitamin E, riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid and so on. The content of carotene is high, which helps to prevent cancer, resist radiation, delay aging and enhance immunity.

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