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Organic Allulose

Allulose has special functions such as regulating blood sugar and other benefits to human health, and is evaluated as the most potential sucrose substitute by the US Food Navigation Network.


Pekhill's Organic Allulose is produced from non-gmo plants and allergen free. We have crystal powder and syrup available.

Organic Allulose
Organic Allulose
Organic Allulose
Organic Allulose

Applications of Organic Allulose

Allulose is difficult to digest and absorb, and hardly provides energy for life activities, so it is a very useful low-calorie sweetener.


In the field of medicine and health, D-psicose can inhibit fatty liver enzymes and intestinal α-glucosidase, thereby reducing the accumulation of body fat and inhibiting the rise of blood sugar concentration. Iida and Hayashi found that adding D-psicose to meals can reduce postprandial blood glucose response and improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.


Allulose is a zero-fat sugar that relieves the rise in blood sugar after eating. It is 70% sweeter than granulated sugar and has high solubility. Because of this property, it is especially suitable for processing food.

Is Organic Allulose safe?

Allulose has been added by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the list of foods generally recognized as safe (GRAS). It should be noted that adding a large amount of allulose, more than 35g a day, is likely to cause side effects, such as abdominal distension. But this side effect is nontoxic and usually temporary.

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