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Raw Materials and Main Ingredients of Vegetable Protein Powder

The so-called protein powder is generally made of purified soybean protein, casein, whey protein or a combination of the above proteins, and its purpose is to supplement protein for people who lack protein. It contains nine essential amino acids, and the proportion is very suitable for human needs, which is easily absorbed by human body. It is low in sugar, fat and cholesterol, and does not contain pigments and preservatives. The main raw materials are soybean protein and milk protein, without any chemical pigments, artificial flavors and preservatives, which are natural and pure protein sources.

Efficacy of vegetable protein powder

The main function of plant protein powder is to repair the cells in the body, which can help the wounds heal well, and can also help the body deliver various nutrients. You can eat it in moderation. Sticking to it for a period of time can effectively enhance the immunity and resistance of the human body, but you must not eat too much. Usually, you should combine some outdoor exercises, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Can people with weak constitution drink protein powder?

People with weak constitution can take protein powder, which can not only promote their early recovery, but also be used as daily health care products. Moreover, protein powder contains amino acids needed by human body, so people with weak constitution can be easily absorbed by the body. Protein powder is a high-tech green food.

Why choose to eat animal protein instead of plant protein?

Animals that eat animal protein develop fast, but their life span is short. However, animals that eat vegetable protein develop slowly, but they have long life and good endurance. Animal protein food not only supplies human protein, but also brings a lot of cholesterol. And fat and heat energy. Excessive cholesterol and fat cause the incidence of "rich diseases" such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and heart disease to increase year by year, which brings great harm to human health. In cereals, the protein content of soybeans is as high as 40%-47%, while the cholesterol and fat content are extremely low. Therefore, it became the first source of human plant protein and was strongly recommended by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

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