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How is inulin produced and processed, from the collection of raw materials to the final product?

Inulin, a natural fiber widely used in the food industry, is derived from two distinct yet equally remarkable plants: Jerusalem Artichoke and Chicory. As one of the professional Inulin Powder manufacturer, I will lead you through the world of these plants and explain how inulin is extracted from their tubers.


First, let’s explore the cultivation of these plants. Jerusalem Artichoke, also known as yang jiang, is a perennial herb of the sunflower family. It is drought-resistant and thrives in various regions across China. In contrast, Chicory prefers a maritime climate and is a common vegetable in Western Europe, such as the Netherlands. Both plants are rich in inulin, a polysaccharide that offers numerous health benefits.


When it comes to the extraction process of inulin, as one of professional Inulin Powder manufacturers, we utilize advanced technology and expertise. The process begins with harvesting the tubers of either Jerusalem Artichoke or Chicory, followed by cleaning and slicing. These slices are then soaked in hot water to release the inulin. The next step is filtration, which removes insoluble substances from the water. To eliminate non-inulin impurities, lime milk is added to the extract, and ion exchange resins are used for decolorization and desalination.


After purification, the inulin liquid undergoes vacuum concentration and is finally transformed into powder through spray drying. At this point, as professional Inulin Powder manufacturers, we ensure the quality and purity of inulin, making it a high-quality food additive. This dry inulin powder can be directly applied in various foods as a fiber supplement or prebiotic.


Through this series of precise processing steps, we not only obtain high-quality inulin but also provide the food industry with a healthy, natural ingredient choice. The versatility of inulin makes it a popular food additive, widely used in both health foods and everyday products.


In this journey from field to table, we have not only witnessed the production and processing of inulin but also gained a deeper understanding of this magical natural ingredient. If you are interested in inulin and are looking for professional Inulin Powder manufacturers for bulk purchasing, feel free to contact us.

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