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Types of Organic Spices & Herbs Raw Materials

Pekhill's Organic Paprika Technology

Since 2009, Pekhill has been manufacturing paprika products. We delve into the paprika and organic market, and since 2015 have been researching the growing techniques and possibilities of organic paprika. After several years of research and exploration, Pekhill finally officially started the planting of organic paprika in 2019, and continues to expand the planting base.

From seedling to receiving, Pekhill has proven technology. Pekhill has dedicated quality personnel and supervision teams for wasteland reclamation, planting, watering, maintenance, receiving, processing and other links.

The Pekhill team brings organic paprika to market, helping food and spice companies expand their organic product lines!


FAQs of Organic Spices and Herbs Raw Material

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Is Pekhill's Paprika organic certified?

Yes, our paprika products including paprika powder, paprika flakes are NOP-USDA organic certified. And we are working on EU organic certification and explore European market.

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Are Pekhill's spices and herbs with pesticides?

Pekhill’s spices and herbs are Organic Certified, and the pesticides analysis complies to USA and EU organic regulations. 

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Are organic spices and herbs necessary?

Pekhill's organically grown, pesticide-free spices and herbs offer more health benefits than regular spices. Conventional spices and herbs can contain high levels of pesticides and harmful substances. At the same time, organic farming plays an important role in the sustainable development of soil and environment.

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