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Different Applications of Organic Monk Fruit Erythritol

Organic mork fruit erythritol has extremely low calories and almost zero blood sugar generation index. It is an ideal sugar substitute and sweetener for people who are afraid of sugar, such as diabetes patients, obese people, and caries-preventing children. It is also widely used in food, beverages and seasoning production.

  • Organic mork fruit erythritol can be added to coffee or tea to refresh your mind and relieve stress.

  • It can be added to traditional Chinese medicine to mask the odor or bitterness of the medicine without affecting its efficacy.

  • Organic mork fruit erythritol can be added to cooked food. It is sweet and smooth, does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar, and can also be consumed by diabetes patients.

  • Organic mork fruit erythritol can be added to infant and children's food without causing tooth decay, which is beneficial for dental health.

  • It can replace ordinary cane sugar and granulated sugar in making desserts at home, such as ice cream, cakes, and bread, while also being nutritious and healthy.

  • Organic mork fruit erythritol can be brewed with hot water to make hot tea or cold drinks like fruit juice. The amount can be adjusted according to personal preference. It can be consumed in the morning, noon, evening, or when thirsty, to keep you alert and energized throughout a busy day.

  • For those who are trying to lose weight or need to control sugar intake, Organic mork fruit erythritol can be used as a sweetener. Adding about 3g to a glass of milk can make the milk taste better and eliminate any unique flavors. The scent of the milk makes it taste delicious, and both warm and cold milk can be used.

  • Organic mork fruit erythritol does not have special color or bitterness, so it can be added to a variety of dishes without changing their color or taste. It can eliminate the fishy odor of fish and tenderize it. It can replace cane sugar in pickle dishes and make them more flavorful. Adding it to stew can make the soup taste more authentic and concentrated. It is suitable for smokers, people who suffer from bronchitis, asthma, and diabetes.

  • Organic mork fruit erythritol may reduce the appearance of skin spots and wrinkles by serving as a preventive measure, thanks to the product’s strong anti-oxidation effect from Luo Han Guo glycoside. Mix 3g~6g with an appropriate amount of warm water and apply it to your face in the morning and evening, like lotion. It can be used on the entire body except for the face and hands. No other make-up is needed, and the skin is very soft. When the skin is dry in winter, apply more. After multiple uses, skin spots and freckles can be reduced, the skin has elasticity, and wrinkles are less visible.

  • For people troubled by cold hands and feet, shoulder and lower back pain, adding organic mork fruit erythritol to the bath can promote blood circulation and warm up cold hands and feet. From children to the elderly, this bathing method can achieve strong skin effects that are not easy to catch colds, while also helping to beautify the entire body and moisturize the skin.

  • Put 6g-9g of Organic mork fruit erythritol into a basin, mix it with an appropriate amount of water, and use it as a conditioner to prevent hair loss, dandruff, and scalp itching. It also has a repairing effect on damaged hair after dyeing. It can be used for hair care at any age, giving you healthy and beautiful hair.

  • Add 6g-9g of Organic mork fruit erythritol in the basin, dissolve it in warm water, and then immerse your eyes in it, blinking and washing your eyes. This eye wash method can eliminate eye fatigue caused by long-term reading or computer use. For people who work on computers for long periods or experience eye fatigue and dryness, using this product to wash your eyes helps. Luo Han Guo glycoside V has an SOD effect that can remove active oxygen in the eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

  • Organic mork fruit erythritol can replace cane sugar in confectionery, pastry, beverages, solid beverages, dairy products, fried snacks, seasonings, and candied fruit processing.

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