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Application of Organic Erythritol

1. Organic erythritol can be used in beverages

In recent years, erythritol has been used to develop new zero- and low-calorie beverages. Erythritol can add sweetness, consistency, and lubricity to beverages while reducing bitterness. It also masks other odors and enhances beverage flavor. Erythritol can also be used in refreshing solid beverages because erythritol absorbs a lot of calories when dissolved.

Erythritol can promote the solution combination of ethanol molecules and water molecules, alcoholic beverages can reduce the smell and sensory stimulation of alcohol, and can effectively improve the quality of liquor and wine. Organic erythritol can also significantly improve the stench of plant extracts, collagen, polypeptides and other substances. Therefore, erythritol has been added to the formulation of some collagen products to improve taste.

2. Organic erythritol can be used as organic baking raw material

Baked products using erythritol have better structural tightness and softness than products that also use sucrose as raw materials, and have different mouthfeel and subtle color differences. Erythritol used in bakery products is preferably in powder or crystalline form with fine particle size (<200 μm).

3. Organic erythritol can be used to make zero-sugar, low-calorie products

It cuts most of the calories and provides a cooling flavor that softens the softness of the fat, giving the product the enticing edge of being fresh and refreshing. Products using erythritol have a longer shelf life than traditional sucrose fat-based bakery products.

4. Organic erythritol can be used to make candy

Erythritol tastes like sucrose and doesn't require additional strong sweeteners like aspartame or saccharin. Candies made with erythritol have a cooler taste than other "non-sucrose" candies, and they have a pure sweetness without a bad aftertaste; erythritol is used in combination with other sugar alcohols to increase tolerance, Reduce the risk of unilateral use. It is best to use high-purity erythritol crystal particles in confectionery chocolate for better quality and taste.

5. Organic erythritol can be used to make chewing gum

Erythritol is easy to crush and has low hygroscopicity. Suitable as a sweetener for chewing gum, this chewing gum is cool, low-calorie, non-cariogenic, and can be used to make "good teeth" chewing gum.

6. Organic erythritol can be used to make organic chocolate

Erythritol has the characteristics of good thermal stability and low hygroscopicity, and can be operated in an environment above 80 °C, shortening the processing time. Erythritol can easily replace sucrose in products, reducing chocolate energy by 34% and giving products a cool taste and non-cariogenic properties.

7. Organic erythritol can be used in the pharmaceutical industry

The properties of erythritol, such as anti-caries, antioxidant, moisturizing and non-combustibility, can be used to make sugar coating of tablets.

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