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Organic Cordyceps Sinensis CS-4 Powder / Extract

Cordyceps sinensis is a very valuable Chinese herbal medicine. Cordyceps sinensis is rich in protein and amino acids. Pekhill's organic cordyceps has more active nutritional ingredients.

We created a fully Organic Cordyceps Powder with a standardized ingredient of 0.25% Adenosine and 8.0% Mannitol. CORDYCEPS CS-4 can be fully met Cordyceps Sinensis DNA fingerprint and the quality of each batch of products is consistent, such as ensuring that there are no microbial contamination, heavy metals or other impurities risks.

We have organic cordyceps sinensis CS-4 powder and extract available for you. Contact us for more information.

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Specification of Organic Cordyceps Powder





Appearance & Color

Fine brown to yellow powder

Odor & Taste

With Characteristic odor and taste

Mesh size

NLT 95% through 80 mesh


Loss on drying

NMT 8.0%


NMT 7.0%



NLT 5.0%






Lead (Pb)

NMT 3.0ppm

Arsenic (As)

NMT 2.0ppm

Cadmium (Cd)

NMT 1.0ppm

Mercury (Hg)

NMT 0.1ppm

Pesticides residues

Complies with (EC) No 396/2005

Solvent residues

Complies with (EC) 2009/32/EC


Complies with (EU) No 1881/2006


Total Plate Count

NMT 5,000cfu/g

Total Yeast & Mold

NMT 300cfu/g

E. Coli






Non-GMO Status

The product is from GMO-free plant.


Pack in food-grade plastic bag inside, the outer packaging is paper drum.


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture.

Shelf Life

2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

Pekhill Organic Cordycep Sinensis Product Range

  • Organic Cordyceps Fermented Protein Powder()

  • Organic Cordyceps Fermented Powder(Cordyceps Sinensis)

  • Organic Cordycep Sinensis Extract(20% polysaccharide)

  • Organic Cordycep Sinensis Extract(30% polysaccharide)

  • OrganicCordycep Sinensis Extract(30% β-glucan)

Applications of Organic Cordycpes

Cordyceps, as a nutrient-rich herb, can be used directly for consumption. Organic Cordyceps has higher nutritional value, is non-GMO, and has no additives. Pekhill's Cordyceps Powder is grown in an organic environment, free of pesticides, heavy metals, etc. It can be directly added to beverages, such as coffee, or used in organic health product formulations.


Benefits of Cordycep Sinensis

Cordyceps can reduce the damage of toxic substances to the liver and fight against the occurrence of liver fibrosis. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on viral hepatitis by regulating immune function and enhancing antiviral ability.

Cordyceps can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, increase high-density lipoprotein that is beneficial to the human body, and reduce atherosclerosis.

Cordyceps has the effect and function of regulating the immune system. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Cordyceps can increase the phagocytic index and percentage of phagocytes, and has a regulating effect on immunity. Cordyceps can increase the proliferation of lymphocytes, activate the activity of macrophages, etc., and can also regulate the immune system.

Cordyceps can prolong sleep time, and cordycepin can antagonize the excitatory effect of the central nervous system. Cordyceps has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Bacillus mallei, Bacillus anthracis, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Microsporum gypsum, Microsporum lamelliformis and other fungi. Therefore, Cordyceps can play a sedative and antibacterial effect.

Cordyceps extract has a clear inhibitory and killing effect on tumor cells in vitro. Cordyceps contains cordycepin, which is the main component of its anti-tumor effect.

Cordyceps is good for regulating the liver
Cordyceps helps regulate blood lipids
Cordyceps helps regulate the immune system
Cordyceps helps calm and antibacterial
Cordyceps helps fight tumors
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