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Organic Monk Fruit Erythritol

Pekhill's Organic Monk Fruit Erythritol is a natural sweetener that comes in the form of crystals. Its active ingredients are organic mogroside V and organic erythritol. Organic Monk fruit erythritol is twice as sweet as sucrose, can be used as a 1:1 substitute for sucrose, and has no calories, no bitter aftertaste, and cool taste.

Pekhill's Organic Monk Fruit Erythritol is USDA/NOP organic certified, and has Kosher and Halal, ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC and other certificates.

erythritol in fruit
erythritol in monk fruit
erythritol monk fruit extract

Specifications of Pekhill Organic Monk Fruit Erythritol





Appearance & Color

Off-white crystal granule

Odor & Taste




1 time as sweet as sugar

Loss on drying





Lead (Pb)


Arsenic (As)


Cadmium (Cd)


Mercury (Hg)


Pesticides residues

Complies USDA/USP pesticide requirements


Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


E. Coli










Non-GMO Status

The product is from GMO-free plant.


Pack in food-grade plastic bag inside, the outer packaging is paper bag.


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture & direct sun light.

Shelf Life

2 years

Applications of Organic Monk Fruit Erythritol

Organic Monk fruit erythritol has extremely low calorie content and almost zero glycemic index value. It is an ideal sugar substitute sweetener for diabetics, obese, anti-caries children and other people who are afraid of sugar. It is also widely used in food, beverages and seasonings. in production.

(1) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can be added to coffee or tea to refresh the mind and relieve stress.

(2) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can be added to traditional Chinese medicine, which can mask the peculiar smell or bitterness produced by traditional Chinese medicine without affecting the efficacy of the medicine.

(3) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can be added to cooking food, it is sweet and smooth, does not cause blood sugar fluctuations, and can also be eaten by diabetics.

(4) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can be added to infant food supplements and children's food, which will not cause dental caries and is beneficial to dental health.

(5) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can be used instead of ordinary sucrose and granulated sugar when making desserts at home, such as ice cream, cakes, and bread, and it is nutritious and healthy.

(6) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can be brewed with hot water to make hot tea. Frozen drinks are like fruit juice. The amount can be increased or decreased according to personal preference. It can be brewed in the morning, noon, evening and when you are thirsty, so that you can keep your mind clear and full of energy to complete the busy work of the day.

(7) For those who lose weight or who must control sugar intake, organic Monk fruit erythritol can be used as a sweetener. Adding about 3g of this product to a glass of milk will make the original taste of the milk better, and it can eliminate the unique taste of the milk. The odor of the milk makes the milk taste delicious, and both warm milk and ice milk can be used.

(8) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can be added to various dishes for cooking because it has no special color and bitter taste, and will not change the color and taste of dishes. It can eliminate the unique fishy odor of fish and meat, and make fish and meat soft; it can replace sucrose pickled cold mixed dishes, and the taste is much more delicious; adding this product to stewed soup makes the soup taste more pure and more mixed Thick; suitable for people who smoke too much, bronchitis, asthma, and diabetes.

(9) Organic Monk fruit erythritol may make skin spots and wrinkles less obvious, and can play a preventive role. This is the effect of the super antioxidant effect of mogroside in the product. Mix 3g~6g of this product with an appropriate amount of warm water every day, and apply it to the face in the morning and evening, just like a lotion. It can be used on the whole body except the face and hands. No need to apply other makeup, the skin is very soft. When the skin is dry in winter, apply several times. After using it for many times, the skin spots and freckles can be lightened, the skin is elastic, and the wrinkles are no longer obvious.

(10) People who are troubled by cold hands and feet, sore shoulders and low back pain can add organic Luo Han Guo erythritol to the bath, which can promote blood circulation and make people with cold hands and feet feel warm from the body. From children to the elderly, this method of bathing can achieve a strong skin effect that is not easy to catch a cold, and at the same time help to beautify the whole body and moisturize the skin.

(11) Put 6g~9g of this product into the washbasin and mix it with an appropriate amount of water. It can be used as a hair conditioner to prevent hair loss, dandruff, and itchy scalp. It also has a repairing effect on damaged hair after dyeing. It can be used for hair care for all ages and gives you healthy and beautiful hair.

(11) Add 6g to 9g of this product in the washbasin, and after it is completely dissolved in warm water, immerse the eyes in the water, blink, and wash the eyes, so that eyewashing can eliminate eye fatigue caused by reading books and using computers for a long time. People who often use computers and read books for a long time, but have tired eyes, or those who have dry eyes, use this product to wash their eyes and drink. Because Mogroside V have SOD effect, it can remove active oxygen in the eyes and eliminate eye fatigue.

(12) Organic Monk fruit erythritol can replace sucrose in candy, cakes, beverages, solid beverages, dairy products, fried snacks, seasonings, candied fruit and other processing.

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