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Organic Rhodiola Rosea Powder/Root

Rhodiola (scientific name: Rhodiola rosea L.) is a perennial herb of the genus Rhodiola of the Crassulaceae family. Rhodiola grows in the alpine and pollution-free zone at an altitude of 1800-2700 meters. Its growth environment is harsh, so it has strong vitality and special adaptability. It can be used for medicinal purposes, which can nourish Qi and clear the lungs, nourish the mind and nourish the mind. It is a traditional Chinese medicine with a wide range of effects. Also has great cosmetic effect, can be used as skin care products, but also edible.

Our organic Rhodiola rosea grows in a pure wild environment, so it has precious organic properties. We make organic rhodiola rosea powder, which can be steam sterilized if necessary, and can be used in tablets, capsules and even super food powders.

organic rhodiola root
organic rhodiola rosea root
organic rhodiola rosea powder
organic rhodiola rosea extract powder

Brief Specifications of Organic Rhodiola Rosea Powder




Fine brown powder with characteristic odour and taste


Positive by TLC

Particle size

NLT 95% through 60 mesh


Loss on drying


Plant Part




Non-GMO Status

The product is produced from GMO-free plant.

Recommended Storage Conditions

Store in tightly sealed containers below 30℃ away from direct light and moisture.

Shelf Life

2 years

Benefits of Organic Rhodiola Rosea Powder/Root

Rhodiola rosea mainly contains salidroside and flavonoids, as well as starch, fat, organic acid, tannin, alkaloid, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and other mineral elements and 17 kinds of amino acids. There are 35 kinds of trace elements and 18 kinds of amino acids, in addition to some superoxide components, vitamin A and vitamin D and other components.

1. The salidroside contained in Rhodiola can inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells by interfering with cell metabolism and changing the properties of the cell coat, and effectively improve the body's immunity. In addition, salidroside can also help protect cardiovascular tissue from tissue damage and dysfunction.

2. The flavonoids contained in Rhodiola can play a very good role in resisting liver viruses, and can also protect the cardiovascular system. Its estrogen-like effect can also relieve the discomfort symptoms of menopause.

3. The tannin contained in Rhodiola has astringent properties, which can protect the mucosal surface and reduce excessive bleeding.

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