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Organic Xylitol

Pekhill's organic xylitol a natural sweetener which is made from organic corn cob through fermentation, crystallization and other processes. It's organic certified. 

Its sweetness can reach 1.2 times that of sucrose. Xylitol is often accompanied by a slight cooling sensation after the entrance, because it is easily soluble in water and absorbs a certain amount of heat when dissolved.

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Specifications of Pekhill Organic Xylitol




White crystal or crystalline with characteristic odour and taste


Loss on drying

NMT 0.5%

Residue on ignition

NMT 0.1%



Melting range


Conductivity (on 20% d.s. at 20℃)

NMT 20.0μS/cm


Xylitol (on dry basis)


Other Polyols

NMT 1.0%

Reducing Sugar

NMT 0.2%


Lead (Pb)

NMT 1.0ppm

Arsenic (As)

NMT 3.0ppm

Nickel (Ni)

NMT 1.0ppm

Pesticides residues

Complies USDA/USP pesticide requirements


Total Plate Count

NMT 100cfu/g


NMT 10cfu/g


NMT 10cfu/g

E. Coli




Non-GMO Status

The product is produced from GMO-free plant.


Pack in food-grade plastic bag inside, the outer packaging is paper bag.


Store in tightly sealed containers below 30°C away from direct light and moisture

Shelf Life

2 years

Benefits of Organic Erythritol

The metabolism of organic xylitol in the body does not require the participation of insulin, does not increase the blood sugar level, and can eliminate the three excesses (polydipsia, polyuria, and polyphagia) of diabetics, so it is a safe sweetener and nutritional supplement for diabetics agents and adjunctive therapy.

Organic xylitol does not cause dental caries, and can be used as a sweetener for chewing gum, chocolate, hard candy zero candy or low-sugar foods.

Oragnic Xylitol has a cool taste and better effect after freezing. It can be used in refreshing cold drinks, desserts, milk, coffee and other industries. It can also be used in health drinks, throat medicines, cough syrups, etc. It can be used as a substitute for sucrose at home to prevent diabetes and obesity caused by excessive consumption of sucrose.

Oragnic Xylitol is a polyhydric alcohol that can be used as a moisturizing modifier for cosmetics without irritating human skin. For example: facial cleanser, beauty cream, lotion, etc.

Oragnic Xylitol has hygroscopicity and anti-caries function, and liquid xylitol has a good sweet taste, so it can be used as a substitute for glycerin for cut tobacco, anti-caries toothpaste, flavoring of mouthwash, antifreeze and moisturizing agent, etc.

At the same time, xylitol is a functional sugar alcohol with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Applications of Organic Erythritol

Organic xylitol can be used in candy, cakes and beverages in place of sugar according to normal production needs. Indicate on the label that it is suitable for diabetics. In actual production, xylitol can be used as a sweetener and a wetting agent. The reference dosage for food is: chocolate, 43%; chewing gum, 64%; jam, jelly, 40%; seasoning ketchup, 50%. Xylitol can also be used in condensed milk, toffee, fudge, etc. When used in pastries, no browning occurs. When making pastries that require browning, add a small amount of fructose. Xylitol can inhibit the growth and fermentation activity of yeast, so it is not suitable for fermented food.

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