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Organic Maltitol

Maltitol is a new type of sweetener widely used in candy and fudge food processing. Maltitol has high sweetness, low calorie and good safety.


Organic Maltitol Solid is a crystal or crystalline powder or granule

Organic Maltitol Liquid / maltitol solution  / maltitol syrup is Transparent colorless viscous liquid

maltitol liquid syrup
oragnic sweetener no sugar 2

Benefits of organic maltitol

1. Maltitol does not cause dental caries.

Maltitol is not a substrate for acid production, and almost completely does not cause bacteria to synthesize insoluble polysaccharides, so maltitol is a non-corrosive new sugar that is extremely difficult to form dental caries.


2. Maltitol promotes calcium absorption.

Animal experiments have shown that maltitol can promote the intestinal absorption of calcium and increase bone mass and enhance bone strength.


3. Maltitol does not stimulate insulin secretion.

Because maltitol is difficult to digest and absorb, the blood sugar level rises less, so it has no stimulating effect on the secretion of insulin necessary for glucose metabolism, thus reducing the secretion of insulin. It can be seen that maltitol can be used as a sweetener for diabetics.


4. Maltitol inhibits excessive accumulation of body fat.

If you take in high fat and sugar at the same time, because it stimulates the secretion of insulin, the activity of lipoprotein decomposing enzymes increases, so it is easy to increase the accumulation of body fat. If maltitol is used instead of granulated sugar to make high-fat foods such as ice cream, cakes, and chocolates, since it does not stimulate insulin secretion, it can be expected to reduce excessive accumulation of body fat.

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Applications of organic maltitol

(1) Maltitol can be used as a low-calorie functional sweetener

Maltitol is relatively stable to heat and acid, and its viscosity is twice as high as that of xylitol and sorbitol. Therefore, maltitol can replace sucrose and be widely used in sugar-free fillings and sugar-free foods.

(2) Maltitol can be used as a fat substitute

Sugar alcohols are effective emulsifiers and foaming agents for cakes and creams. Utilizing the emulsification stability of sugar alcohols, the oil and water-type emulsified margarines produced are not only of high quality, but also can make food feel oily and smooth when used in food production. Due to the smooth structure, maltitol is used as a fat substitute to produce low-calorie food, which can maintain the flavor and texture of the original fat food.

(3) Used in the processing of chewing gum, candy, cakes, beverages and food for children and the elderly, etc., can promote the absorption of calcium by the human body, and can prevent dental caries and senile porosity.

(4) Maltitol has soft and pure sweetness, no coloring when heated to 150°C, and no Maillard reaction when heated together with amino acids. It is suitable for processing high-grade hard candy, toffee, crystal toffee, etc. In addition, maltitol has an excellent color protection effect, and it is used for processing preserved fruits, jellies, pickles, etc., and can prolong the freshness period of fruits and vegetables.

(5) Maltitol has good moisture retention and non-fermentation properties. It can be used in bread and cakes to prolong the shelf life.

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