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Constituents and Functions of Spirulina

Spirulina is a combination of various nutrients necessary for human body, mainly including six kinds of nutritional elements: plant protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals and trace elements. It is a miracle in nature because of its rich ingredients and coordinated proportions.

Among them, protein, β-carotene, chlorophyll a, phycocyanin and γ -linolenic acid are important.

Biological characteristics of spirulina platensis

Spirulina is a primitive algae that grows in natural alkaline lakes. It has a history of 3.5 billion years and is one of the oldest organisms on the earth. They absorb and dissolve carbon dioxide in the air, and release a lot of oxygen through photosynthesis.

Spirulina is suitable for growing in alkaline waters with water temperature of 30-35℃ and high mineral concentration (pH value of 9-11). It is named for its spiral shape.

Spirulina platensis is very tiny, with a length of 0.3—0.5mm and a width of 0.005—0.008mm It can hardly be seen by naked eyes, and can only be observed under a microscope. It is named after Spirulina because of its spiral shape.

The efficacy and role of spirulina powder

Spirulina powder has many effects, such as regulating blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. 1. Regulate blood sugar. Spirulina polysaccharide, magnesium, chromium and other hypoglycemic substances exist in Spirulina, which can regulate blood sugar metabolism through various ways (such as promoting insulin secretion, slowing down sugar absorption, promoting substance metabolism, resisting oxidation, etc.). 2. Lowering cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol can effectively prevent the onset of heart disease and stroke. Y-linolenic acid in spirulina can reduce cholesterol contained in human body, which can effectively reduce hypertension and prevent heart disease.

Advantages of Spirulina extract

Spirulina extract is a product prepared from Spirulina, which contains a lot of protein, but also a lot of bioactive components, such as spirulina polysaccharide (PSP), β-carotene, phycobiliprotein, chemical book γ -linolenic acid, endogenous enzymes, etc. Therefore, it has physiological effects such as improving organism immunity, anti-aging, reducing blood fat, lowering blood pressure, promoting protein synthesis, and resisting cancer, and is widely used in functional foods and traditional Chinese medicine.

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