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Quality Control

Through strict quality management, we control quality from the source, comprehensively control potential quality risks, and provide customers with safe and secure products. We also test 568 pesticide residues, heavy metals, microbiology, aflatoxins, PAHS, SO2, peroxides, MOAH/MOASH, plasticizers and other related indicators in third-party laboratories.

Organic agriculture is of great significance to ecological protection and is an important part of sustainable agriculture. Organic agriculture requires scientific application of organic fertilizers and biological control of pests and diseases. So far, our company has more than ten organic bases through farmers' cooperatives, which provide a strong premise for organic production.

From the base to the product, we have complete traceability of the whole process to ensure the stability of the quality of organic products. We regularly test raw intermediates and finished products through in-house and third-party laboratories. From heavy metals, pesticide residues, Aspergillus flavus, pathogenic bacteria to conventional indicators such as content, moisture, ash, particle size, etc., our quality control is very strict.

Organic Food Ingredients

Organic Food Ingredients

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