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Application of Organic Maltodextrin

1. Organic maltodextrin is widely used in beverage, frozen food, candy, oatmeal, dairy products, health care products and other industries.

2. Adding organic maltodextrin to milk powder and other dairy products can expand the volume of the product, not easy to agglomerate, dissolve quickly, have good resolubility, prolong the shelf life of the product, reduce costs and improve economic benefits. Organic maltodextrin can also increase the proportion of nutrients, increase the proportion of nutrients, and is easy to digest and absorb.

3. Organic maltodextrin is used in nutritional snack foods such as soybean milk powder, instant oatmeal, and malt extract. Organic maltodextrin has a good taste and instant thickening effect, avoids precipitation and stratification, can absorb bean flavor or milk flavor, and prolong the shelf life.

4. Organic maltodextrin is used in solid beverages such as milk tea, fruit tea, instant tea, and solid tea, which can maintain the characteristics and aroma of the original product, reduce costs, and have a mellow and delicate taste.

5. Organic maltodextrin is used in juice drinks and various lactic acid drinks.

6. Organic maltodextrin is used in frozen foods such as ice cream, ice cream or popsicles. The ice particles expand finely, have good viscosity and moderate sweetness.

7. When organic maltodextrin is used in candy, it can increase the toughness of candy, prevent sand back and melting, and improve the structure. It can reduce the sweetness of candy, reduce dental disease, reduce viscosity, improve flavor, prevent deliquescence and extend shelf life.

8. The main function of organic maltodextrin in ham and canned food is to increase the consistency and improve the structure, appearance and flavor.

Pekhill's organic maltodextrin is derived from organic corn starch and is available in DE11-16 and DE16-20. Pekhill has an annual production capacity of 120,000 tonnes of maltodextrin.

Organic maltodextrin (MD) is a polysaccharide food raw material, which is a low conversion product between starch and starch sugar. The physical properties of maltodextrin are directly related to its hydrolyzed DE value, so the DE value not only indicates the degree of hydrolysis, but also an important indicator for grasping product characteristics.

Pekhill has been committed to the development, cultivation and commercialization of organic products. From the initial organic mushroom products, to the current organic sweet peppers, organic nuts, to organic corn deep-processing varieties, organic extracts and organic protein powder, we have realized the diversification and ecologicalization of organic products, providing customers with different organic solution supply chains.

We want to make good use of all our experience, channels and resources to create a sustainable environment together with our customers.

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