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List of Pekhill Organic Food Ingredients

The production process of our products is strictly controlled, guaranteeing organic from the raw material to the finished product. We will actively cooperate with each customer, provide quality documents, and inspect the production environment. Everything is for our customers to purchase satisfactory products. At the same time, we also have the service of sourcing new ingredients. We are familiar with the market and suppliers of organic products. We can help you find the best products and prices.

Organic VS Non Organic Food Ingredients Study

No Artificial Compounds
Organic Raw materials
No Artificial Compounds

Pekhill's organic ingredients are prohibited from using artificial compounds such as pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, etc. in the production and processing process, and is non-GMO. In the production of conventional products, the use of these substances is allowed within the specified range.

Organic Raw materials

Pekhill's organic food ingredients’ raw materials are also organic. Organic products are planted with strict regulations on the transformation of land production. Considering that certain substances remaining in the environment for a period of time, it takes 2 to 3 years for the land to planting another organic product.


Organic ingredients strictly follows the organic food production, collection, processing, packaging, storage and transportation standards in the production and processing process. A strict quality management system, production process control system and tracking system must be established in the production and processing of organic food.


What Makes PEKHILL Unique?

Pekhill's products are all organic, from the raw materials to the production process. We have an organic cultivation base, where there are dedicated quality personnel. The products of each batch of orders will be tested by a third-party laboratory such as to ensure that each indicator meets the standard. All production or testing is guaranteed to be open and transparent.

Pekhill has its own organically certified raw materials base of 1300 hectares. Pekhill has rich organic planting resources, planting experience, and perfect base management system.

In terms of sustainability, Pekhill strives to achieve sustainability in all aspects, such as employees, production, environmental protection, commercial aspects, etc. Pekhill knows that we should be grateful for all the resources given by nature, and we should do our best to create a better environment. Pekhill is also always spreading the concept of caring for the environment for employees, and hopes that each of us can participate in the practice of sustainable development.

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